W. Patrick Dolan
Labor-Management Consulting and Organizational Change

This web site focuses on my work with large, complex organizations and their labor-management relationship, with a particular emphasis on public education, its policies and practices.
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The last 35 years have been as a “third party” consultant to labor and management, trying to open, clarify, and improve that relationship as a means to improving the work of the organization. 

The assumption that is the bedrock of this practice is that the relationship between union and management influences all aspects of the organization's performance - its quality and efficiency, its focus on customers, and improvement. It sets the fundamental human resource strategy of our organized workforce.


Past clients include Boeing, Ford, John Deere, General Dynamics, Goodyear, FAA, along with the DAW, USW, IAM, and Air Traffic Controllers.

At present, the work of Dr. Dolan and his team divides into three areas:

  1. Work with major teacher unions at the national, state, and local levels. This includes the NEA and AFT with state connections in Connecticut, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Massachusetts, among others.
  2. Dr. Dolan leads a team that supports the educational grants of the GE Foundation in seven major districts in the country and has been involved in intensive work improving curriculum, instruction, and assessment in math and sciences using a collaborative union/management approach to this work.
  3. Dr. Dolan continues long-term relationships with major corporations in the US and Europe. At this point he is concentrating on strategic work with top management teams. An example is a 15 year relationship with General Dynamics and its shipbuilding management team at BIW and NASSCO.
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